Supporting the Transforming Care Agenda to help change lives

Even before the Transforming Care Agenda began to be rolled out some years ago, Consensus was shaping the accommodation and skills of service teams to suit the precise needs of the individuals we support.  Historically we have strived to offer the right models of support in the community for people with complex needs long before these became buzz-words in our sector.  Today we’re still as committed to enabling individuals to explore their life goals, using our imagination and expertise to provide solutions that will help to achieve positive change.

This may mean supporting a person who has spent a long time in a hospital setting to move to a residential service and Anthony’s Story below takes an emotive look at his experience. Or it could mean helping someone move from a residential service to a supported living environment. Wherever we can, we aim to support people in services that are close to their friends, family and local community.

Positive risk taking and positive behavioural support – the twin key factors in ensuring a better life for people with highly complex needs

The Consensus Development Team always works in collaboration with individuals, their families, commissioners and local authorities. Our work is about constantly understanding and managing risk. When an individual leaves hospital after a long term stay, our aim is to minimise their risk of readmission. Offering greater choice and inclusion within the community comes with its own risks. But is also comes with huge opportunities, including enabling a person to have an improved quality of life.

Our Specialist Intervention Team, which includes our Positive Behaviour Intervention Team and our autism consultant, Dr Maggie Wilson, acts to minimise risk as well as placement failure. They can be deployed at short notice to support any of the individuals and staff teams in our services UK-wide.