Creating solutions for the changing landscape

The members of our Development Team work proactively with commissioners to scope and fine tune services. This may include providing new developments or changing and re-purposing existing ones where it’s right to do so. Over the last few years there has been a greater demand from commissioners for services for individuals with learning disability who have additional complex needs.

As a result, we’ve actively developed and enhanced our services to create a range of quality residential, supported living and transition services to meet bespoke needs.

We invest time, resources and expertise in shaping a setting to be exactly right for the individual – always involving the individuals in that process. Above all, we believe in supporting them to live as independently as possible close to their families, friends and local community. To that end, we’re fully committed to implementing the principles of the Transforming Care Agenda.

New developments and models of care

We work at a strategic level with commissioners to plan and deliver new services and models of care. Our Development team approach this in different innovative ways. This can mean adapting an existing building to create a bespoke setting – particularly if the local authority and CCG have identified individuals who fall under the Transforming Care Agenda. They also plan and create new models of care, which has led to us closing an existing service and entirely re-modelling it to create smaller settings offering supported living style options with bespoke support. This offers individuals greater independence but also brings the same benefits and securities they would find in a residential service.

Mike Ranson
Director of Development & Partnerships


Belinda Robinson
Head of Development & Partnerships (South)



Ray Godwin
Head of Development & Partnerships (North)



Adapting and reinvesting

We review and re-invest in services to ensure they meet today’s market needs and can deliver the necessary outcomes.  We work alongside commissioners and families to adapt an existing site that’s no longer fit for purpose to deliver a new, bespoke service.



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