Working in partnership with health and social care professionals

We appreciate the huge pressures commissioners face and as social care professionals ourselves we understand the constantly changing agenda. That’s why we work collaboratively with clinical commissioning groups, local authorities and continuing healthcare teams to identify local needs and answer them with quality, tailored solutions. That can mean developing new services or evolving and enhancing existing ones to meet local gaps in the market or specific commissioning needs.

Our teams work with individuals, their families and care managers to find the service which will meet individual’s needs in a setting as close as possible to their family and local community.

Referrals and admissions 

We pride ourselves on developing long-term relationships with commissioners and Local Authorities so that we can fully understand how our partners work and what they need. In turn, this ensures that they become familiar with all our services and teams.



Investing, adapting and evolving our services 

We work proactively with commissioners to shape and fine tune services to support local need. This includes investing in new developments or adapting and re-purposing existing services. Find out how we are leading the way to deliver new residential and supported living services which meet the bespoke needs of the people we support and deliver the necessary outcomes for them. 




The Transforming Care Agenda

Whether it’s sleeping rough on the streets, living in a secure hospital environment or being over-medicated – when people with learning disabilities and behaviours that challenge arrive at our services there’s often some circumstance in their life that has prevented them from being a part of their community or reaching their full potential. Anthony and Debbie share their difficult yet inspiring journey’s to a more independent and fulfilling life.





My Life at Upper Park Road – Daniel’s Story

Aged 23, Daniel had previously lived in a residential service where he lacked motivation to do anything and would often sleep all day and refuse to attend his day services. He was also very controlling within the environment and his parents regularly had to collect him from day services as he would refuse to use the transport provided.

Since moving to Upper Park Road and with lots of help and dedication from the support teams, Daniel has achieved so much and has overcome so many goals.