Expertly Supporting you through Change and Transition

At Consensus we understand that any change or transition needs to be expertly managed with great care, attention to detail and empathy. We provide full support as individuals with learning disability, autism and complex needs transition into our adult residential or supported living services, ensuring they feel safe and reassured throughout the journey.

We help young people as they develop greater independence and leave the family home or their specialist school or college. While it can be an anxious time for all involved, it’s also an exciting one as they embark upon a new phase of their life. We also fully support adults with their transition from other adult care and support settings to a Consensus service.

A personal approach



Whether we’re working with a family with a young person who is ready to move to adult services, or we’re supporting an adult who is moving from elsewhere, our team ensures that the transition to a Consensus service is a happy and successful one for everyone.

One of the first things we do is to assign the person who is making the transition with a key worker. They will coordinate the transition and, in the longer term, provide support to the individual and their family throughout their time with Consensus.

Making the journey together

While we tailor everything we do to the individual’s unique needs and aims, the process of each transition will generally follow the same steps.

  1. Involving you every step of the way: we make sure that the individual and their family are fully involved in every part of the process.
  2. Assess, support and review: we conduct a robust assessment to ensure we understand every aspect of the individual’s needs and what they want to achieve; our autism and positive behaviour experts provide specialist input and together we create a transition plan which outlines everything involved in the transition.
  3. Personalised to you: our accommodation and support options are entirely tailored to the individual’s needs and aims; familiarisation visits help the individual to get to know the service team and start to make new friends, all while feeling safe and supported.


To find out more about how we help individuals and their families through change and transition, please call our Referrals Team on

0808 223 5320

A chance to grow


The move to a Consensus adult residential or supported living service is an exciting opportunity for a person to start developing greater independence. However, this is always at their own pace and with plenty of support from our experienced teams.

We will help your loved one to develop daily living skills, make the most of social activities in the service and within the wider community, enjoy leisure interests and hobbies and even find local work, volunteering or study opportunities.

Every aspect of their care and support will be detailed in their person centred plan, which we put together with your, and their, full input.


Providing valuable insight and guidance on transitions



We regularly attend transition events across the UK and sometimes provide information talks on key points that parents might need to be aware of and consider when planning for their child’s transition from full time education. We attend these types of events to share our knowledge and expertise on the funding, accommodation and support options that are available to parents and individuals at key stages in their journey to adulthood. We are always here to help and to guide you through your child’s transition.


Teachers Resource SEN – Preparing for the next step

For young people nearing the end of their school career, the big question for many is: what next? Consensus and Teachers’ Resource SEN take a look at the importance of the transition process, with some tips from the experts on how teachers and transition staff within schools can best support pupils throughout.