Our priority is you and your loved one

Any change or move is always a worrying time when you have a loved one who has learning disability, autism or complex needs. You want to know that they will get the support and care they need, from the right people and in the right setting. You also want to be reassured that you’ll be fully involved in the decisions they make about their lives and that they can live their lives in the way they wish to.

It’s important that in the first instance you talk to your local authority or clinical commissioning group (CCG) about funding options. However we are here to help you navigate the complexity of finding the right service and securing the funding you need.

Our Referrals Team is here to help

Our Referrals Team  have helped hundreds of families and carers to find the best service and support for their relative or a person close to them. We will talk you through the many support options Consensus has to offer.

Like you, we want the best for your family member or the person you are helping to find the right support. We’ll often adapt services to better suit individuals – creating a tailored living environment where the people we support will feel entirely settled and at home.


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What to expect throughout the referrals process

If you haven’t worked with a service provider like Consensus before it’s reassuring to have an idea of what to expect. The first time we meet you and your family member in person is likely to be at the assessment meeting when we’ll talk to you both about their needs, goals and preferences (for example, whether they would prefer to be in shared accommodation or a self-contained flat). This helps us to understand about different areas of their life and how they’d like to be supported.

Other people may be involved in the assessment including other members of your family, your care manager and other health and social care professionals. Our positive behavioural team and autism specialist will also bring their knowledge, experience and recommendations to the assessment if specialist intervention is needed . This helps everyone who is involved in your loved one’s care to understand their needs and ensure that, together, we select the support approach and Consensus service that suits them best.

Firm foundations and new beginnings

We are always careful to ensure that moving a new person into a service works for everyone – the new person and those already being supported by the service. However, once we have identified one or more services we feel would be appropriate for your family member, the next step is for us to develop a service proposal and person centred plan that sets out the support we’ll provide. This will be the key document we’ll work from. It includes:

  • How we can meet your loved one’s needs and help them to achieve their goals
  • The accommodation, and level and type of support we’ll provide
  • Any extra specialist support we’ll offer, for example speech and language therapy, hydrotherapy, positive behaviour intervention
  • Suggestions of activities and routines to help them to settle in to the service.


Contact our friendly team today

The Consensus Referrals Team is here to answer all your questions and help your loved one towards a happy and fulfilling future. We’re looking forward to working with you.

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