Working together to support your loved one to live a life of their choosing

At Consensus we understand the vital part you and your family play in your loved one’s care and support. We pride ourselves in delivering a trusted, safe and caring approach where you’re fully involved in decisions and in helping your loved one to live a fulfilling life.

We do understand that no two families’ experiences and needs are quite the same. We also appreciate the many emotions you can feel when you’re faced with needing to find extra support for your loved one – particularly if it’s a new experience. At Consensus we’ve worked with many families facing similar challenges over the years, and we’ve helped them and their loved ones to find successful, positive and fulfilling ways forward. We will help you too.

How to make a referral

Any change or move is always a worrying time when you have a loved one who has learning disability, autism or complex needs. You want to know that they will get the support and care they need, from the right people and in the right setting. You also want to be reassured that you’ll be fully involved in the decisions they make about their lives.



How we are regulated

Consensus takes the care and safety of the people we support extremely seriously. All our services are inspected at least once a year by our internal Care Services Team. Our services are all registered with the relevant external care regulator, which regularly monitors and inspects each service too. This combined approach helps to ensure that the people we support receive the quality care they deserve at all times.



Supporting you through change and transition

At Consensus we understand that any change or transition needs to be expertly managed with great care, attention to detail and empathy. We provide full support as individuals transition into our adult residential or supported living services, ensuring they feel safe and reassured throughout the journey.



Information and advice

Our teams are here to help you and have a huge amount of experience in guiding and advising families with loved ones who have learning disability, autism and complex needs. We’re very happy to help with anything from straightforward questions through to complex issues. Please do get in touch in whichever way works for you.



Find a home or service near you

Life at Consensus

What each person does will be unique to them. We spend time listening to, and understanding, each person we support and their family. We learn about what’s important to them, what their needs and wants are, and what goals they’d like to achieve.


Find a learning disability home near you

We deliver a wide range of services all over the UK and we always aim to ensure individuals are supported in services that are close to their families and friends. Discover our residential, supported living, short breaks and community support services near you.


How to provide feedback or raise a concern

At Consensus we are committed to ensuring your loved one always receives the best possible support, and we love to hear your feedback about the great outcomes we help to achieve.

However, we realise that sometimes issues arise or support may fall below your, and our, high expectations and it’s vital that you tell us about that too so we can put it right straight away. If this happens, please raise your concerns with the manager of the service.   If the issue isn’t resolved to your satisfaction, Consensus has an official complaints procedure and a full complaints policy to help you progress your complaint.