We’re “Outstanding” say Ofsted

March 20, 2019

Pat Haley and her team are delighted with their latest Ofsted Report which rated their care and support as Outstanding. Inspectors arrived at the care home in January and were extremely pleased with what they observed.

In their report they rate three particular aspects;

The overall experiences and progress of children and young people living in the homeOutstanding

How well children and young people are helped and protectedOutstanding

The effectiveness of leaders and managersOutstanding

The hard work, by Pat and her exceptionally committed team was reflected in the report with extracts from the report, including,

“The children’s home provides highly effective services that consistently exceed the standards of good. The actions of the children’s home contribute to significantly improved outcomes and positive experiences for children and young people who need help, protection and care.”

“Relationships between children and staff are remarkable. Staff genuinely want children to achieve, and they work extremely hard to support the children to make progress. The impact of the care that children receive results in excellent outcomes and progress.”

“Care planning is thoughtful and detailed. A culture of valuing every individual and celebrating the progress that they make has been established. Consequently, children feel loved. Close, caring relationships with staff help the children to feel safe and unconditionally accepted.”

“The registered manager provides exceptional leadership and support to the staff team. She is an excellent role model and is ambitious for children and staff.”

The report went on to share examples of young people’s outcomes and progress and the creativity used in preparing and supporting young people to be successful in education and many other areas of their lives including relationships, health, social interactions and to enjoy their childhood in a safe and caring environment.

Pat evolves progress and development of the service because she understands the impact of the care on children and uses current research to underpin approaches to care that drive progress for children. She has been registered as Manager at this home since 2015, which has provided stability for colleagues and young people. She is well supported by an effective deputy manager and highly motivated, competent and experienced staff who share her aspirations for the children in their care.

On learning that they had achieved the rating of Outstanding Pat said, “We are absolutely delighted with this outcome, the team have been exceptional In their practice and it is great that it has been recognised by Ofsted.”

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