Valuing colleagues creates an impact

June 28, 2018

The entire support team at the Brambles in Wellingborough, decided they would introduce a new initiative to the home. So, at the beginning of June 2018, they purchased a jar to hold compliments. The ‘Compliments Jar’ offers the opportunity for colleagues in the service to provide positive feedback about and to their colleagues.

Colleagues record their compliments and thanks on ‘Post-It Notes’ and place them into the jar. They can be submitted anonymously, but team members are also encouraged to place their name on them. At the end of each month at the team meeting the ‘Compliments Jar’ will be an agenda item and all the compliments will be shared with the team. These will then be photographed and included within the meeting notes.

The team have just completed their first month end with the ‘Compliments Jar’ featuring in their agenda. It was a resounding success, with over 50 compliments in the jar!

There were compliments from colleagues about their shifts:

“Lovely shift. I had a great time with everyone. Especially at the party which was enjoyed by all.”

Positive feedback about new starters:

“I’m happy you are part of The Brambles Team.”

“You are always amazing on shift. You’re so kind and helpful and I’m grateful.”

And compliments to specific members of the team:

“Your humour always makes my shift.”

“Every time you open the door to me I’m greeted with the warmest smile.”

Such a simple idea, the ‘Compliments Jar’ has already made a massive impact and has proved to be a lovely way to end the regular team meeting, resulting in colleagues feeling very positive and closer as a team.


Photo credited to Milan Popovic_537288_unsplash


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