Values driven success at Deansbrook

October 17, 2017

Our services in East Anglia have been reflecting on how they bring the Consensus Values to life and recognise success.

Nathan, Manager of Deansbrook shares with us how his team have been contributing;

“Work began with the team at Deansbrook to get them thinking about the company values. This was part of a wider goal to engage with colleagues in thinking positively about the impact of their work and to help build a clear ethos within the support team.

“We spoke about our values at team meetings and supervisions with team members and this led to a lot of discussion. Happily the team are able to recognise a lot of examples of our values being put into practice on a daily basis at Deansbrook.

“As part of the ‘Value of the month’ we have focused on, we took the value of ‘Inclusive and Supportive’ to our regional meeting, where, from a selection of worthy examples provided by several services, we were chosen as having best illustration of this value in action. The example we provided was of the recent support which facilitated the move of Trevor back to Deansbrook.”

Trevor had previously lived at Deansbrook but due to issues with compatibility it had not been successful. The multi-disciplinary team around Trevor had been extremely happy though with the level of skill and expertise of the support team.

This led to long and far ranging discussions about how best to support him in the community. Over the space of two years, in conjunction with social workers, psychiatry, nursing, occupational and speech and language therapy, behavioural specialists, the development team and family we drew up plans for a new build on the site bespoke to Trevor’s own particular and highly complex needs. Throughout this time we also continued to provide significant 1:1 support to Trevor whilst he remained under section in hospital. Trevor moved back in

February 2017 and we are already seeing the clear benefits from all the planning and discussion with Trevor’s new environment proving extremely well suited to his needs. We are being repeatedly told that this is being held up as a model at a commissioning level of how to support highly complex individuals into specialised, bespoke services.

Nathan said; “For the team at Deansbrook it was good to see that their hard-work and dedication to support Trevor through a very long, complex, and at times difficult, transition was being recognised. The feedback from colleagues has been overwhelmingly positive and this recognition has reinforced previous compliments paid to the support team by all other professionals involved in this transition.”

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