Trips and Tractors make for a perfect week

October 26, 2017

Individuals supported at Polwell Lane, in Kettering made a visit to a local farm in the summer.

Dion one individual supported by the team absolutely loved the day and in his own words he shares his experience with us below;

“Today, I and a couple of the guys went to Sacrewell Farm. We saw a wide range of animals and machinery. I particularly liked looking at the mill, and started laughing whilst watching.

“I also liked the tractors, they were giving rides to people, and I think I would like to go on a tractor ride, but you have to book it here. Something to look forward to in the future.

“After we had looked around, we settled down for lunch, I liked the environment around me. It was very scenic and quiet. I liked listening to the water as I had lunch.

I’d like to come here again at some point, especially if the weather is as nice as it was today.

When we returned home to Polwell Lane, we relaxed in the garden and had a BBQ, my favourite.”

Pictured is Dion and his keyworker Chelsie.

The activity was discussed as part of Dion’s timetable which is organised around needs and wishes made in his ‘My Perfect Week’ plan. Individuals and colleagues regularly go out and bring back with them photos and brochures of their days out, which in turn are shared at house meetings, for others to learn about and perhaps try for themselves. The results have been very encouraging with many people supported to visit new places, experience new things, choices and relationships.

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