The Regional Operations Team

Our team of Regional Operational Leads work alongside our Divisional Directors to understand the challenges and opportunities operationally in their regions. Their role is extremely important to ensure that all the services in their region are operating efficiently and effectively for the people we support.

Each Operational Lead works closely with a team of Operational Managers, who help to give them the support needed to manage each region successfully. The Operational Managers constantly liaise with each Lead to ensure the effective running of each region and to guarantee overall good practise and outcomes.

Our Operations team are very close to what’s happening on the ground and ensure all the individuals we support get the best outcome from living within our services. Our teams are recognised for the work they do and their expertise and knowledge.

If you wish to make contact with any of our Operational Leads please email

Our Team Managing the East of England and London


Allyson Kay and Simon Potts

Allyson, Divisional Director, and Simon, Operational Lead, work together to manage the operations in their region, East of England and London.



Our Team Managing the Midlands and North


Debbie Goodman (Interim Divisional Director) 

Debbie is Interim Divisional Director and Operational Lead for the Midlands and North region.



Our Team Managing the South and Wales


Katy Preedy (Interim Divisional Director) 

Katy is Interim Divisional Director and Operational Lead for the South, South West and Wales region.