The most rewarding job I have ever had

November 13, 2018

Support worker by day and unpaid carer by night Lauren at just 27 will tell you she now has the most rewarding job ever and goes home every day with a smile on her face in the knowledge that she makes a positive difference.

Carmarthen born and bred, Lauren used to work in retail, being relied upon as a key holder and sales assistant for a store with a nationwide presence. However, after three years in what was to be her last retail role Lauren felt there was something missing. Spending time to reflect on what gives her meaning and purpose, she realised the missing piece was the ability to make a positive difference to others.

With this knowledge Lauren began to search for work in the care sector and found her true calling when she took up the role of support worker at The Grange in Carmarthen. The residential learning disability service is just a five-minute walk from home, which, Lauren says “Isn’t always an advantage.”

Bubbly and engaging Lauren chats about how the flexible working arrangements suit her personal situation exceptionally well and means that she can now look forward to a fulfilling career with training, personal development and progression.

These attributes matter to most of us, but for Lauren it was key in her search for the perfect role. Lauren moved from her parental home at the young age of 17 to care for her Grandmother. She remains the primary caregiver and so, consequently, Lauren’s career must afford her a flexibility and supportive approach that fully appreciates her responsibilities.

As Lauren’s hours are scheduled on a rota she is able to work around her grandmothers needs, never feeling that she needs to let anyone down or not be present either at home or work when something significant takes place.

Having thoroughly enjoyed her induction period, 14 months on, Lauren shares that her ongoing training and development is covering so much more than she had anticipated; including medications, positive behaviour management, MCA DoLs, safeguarding and communications. She feels extremely well supported in her role and hopes that in the future she will progress into the role of shift leader.

Each day is different, and Lauren can find herself supporting people with their personal care routines, actively encouraging and building upon individuals daily living skills; by doing the laundry, washing-up, or shopping in addition to preparing and cooking meals together. Some days are spent indoors and others out, in their community as everything revolves around the people she supports. She feels honoured to be a part of a fabulous team that together ensure those they support achieve their goals. Something seemingly simple for others can be the most fantastic achievement so Lauren and the team take the time to celebrate each and every milestone and success as it happens.

When asked if she would change anything, Lauren said, “Only the way the outside world sees the people we support. I wish they would not stop and stare and instead just ask their questions. I would like people to be more aware of others in their community and by being more aware become more tolerant.”

Asked if she would recommend a career in social care Lauren said, “Most definitely. It was a little daunting at first, but with all the training and support it is now without doubt the most rewarding job I have ever done. I go home every day with a smile on my face. Our team just bounce off one another, taking time to reflect, improve and celebrate.”

After a busy day supporting individuals at The Grange Lauren goes home, tends to her grandmothers needs and will relax by watching a little TV. ‘The Great British Bake Off’ being her favourite right now, Lauren says she loves that she also gets to do a bit of baking in her role at The Grange. You may think that’s got to be quite a busy life already but Lauren’s also keen to be involved in her local community and supports through chaperoning several young people each year as they participate in their local Youth Opera’s rehearsals and performances.

We are delighted Lauren chose to take up a career with us and it is clear to see that our Values based recruitment is providing a rewarding outcome for everyone involved.


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