The Links hosts an election debate

June 6, 2017

On Tuesday, the 6th June, two days before the general election we felt that it was important for our individuals to know as much as possible about how and why we vote. And how important it is that everyone has a right to vote no matter who they are.

We began the day with a discussion lead by colleagues about who the parties were and used an easy read manifesto to talk about all the different items that are important to the different parties.

After lunch, we had a visit from the LDPB who followed on from the manifestos to showing the individuals about how to vote and what would happen to their voting card should they chose to go to the polling station. Also discussed were all the various options on how to vote; i.e. postal vote, or proxy vote.

At the end of the sessions one individual commented that she found the whole day interesting and found it very helpful.  So now hopefully all the individuals believe that everyone has a voice.

The Links Day Centre in Wellingborough, provides a warm and homely environment for adults with learning disabilities within the local area to enjoy a full range of lifestyle activities and learning opportunities based on their preferences. Supporting people with a wide range of needs on a daily basis, the Links welcome people with both mild and complex needs, including individuals who have behaviours which others might find challenging.

The fully trained, committed team respect the choices and dignity of every individual they support. Through creative and forward thinking they build a programme of person centred support which ensures these choices are put into practice and lead to positive outcomes.

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