Promoting positive behaviour for all the people we support who have learning disabilities

Thanks to the skills and interventions of the Positive Behaviour Intervention Team we have increased the quality of life, skills and independence of people supported as well as enabling a number of people with complex challenges to move from very intensive support settings to more independent settings. Through the team providing crisis intervention support to the service teams within Consensus, we have also been able to reduce placement breakdowns.

Who are the Positive Behaviour Intervention Team?

The team brings together social care and healthcare professionals with decades of experience in supporting people who display behaviours that challenge.

Taking a person-centred approach they find out the reason behind an individual’s challenging behaviour and produce support plans and strategies to reduce the behaviour and improve the person’s quality of life.

The work of the PBIT team leads to positive outcomes for everyone involved – from the supported individuals and their families, to their key workers and the service they’re supported by.


How the team can help

Working closely with our referrals team, service managers, support teams, external professionals, as well as individuals and their families; the team provide advice, mentoring, training and practical support across a range of areas, including:

Positive Behaviour Support in action

Ryan, an individual with learning disabilities and autism, had been living in a shared residential service for several years however, his behaviour had become more challenging and after an incident at the home, Ryan lost his confidence in the support team and the support team lost their confidence in supporting Ryan.


After spending over 20 years in a secure hospital environment, it was essential Anthony received the right Positive Behavioural Support if he were to successfully adjust to living more independently. Watch as Anthony shares his extraordinary journey from secure hospital to supported living.


Our Positive Behaviour Support (PBS) Charter

Our PBS Charter shows our commitment to Positive Behaviour Support (PBS) throughout Consensus and sets out our approach to PBS and the guiding principles and practices which are adopted by us as an organisation and by the colleagues who work for us.

For our colleagues, the PBS Charter ensures that, with the support of the Positive Behaviour Intervention Team, they understand how to provide the best outcomes and quality of life possible for the people they support. For Consensus, as a values-based provider, the Charter ensures we are not only fully compliant with our legislative obligations but are committed to PBS as a person-centred alternative to any type of physical intervention or restrictive practices for people with behaviours which are challenging.

Endorsed by our senior management team, the PBS Charter is signed by all managers and operational teams to agree to its principles and practices, as part of their training in PBS. New employees who join Consensus will also sign the Charter during their induction and PBS training. Formalising the process allows PBS to be fully embraced on a company and personal level and embedded in all support plans as part of our commitment to quality and person centred support.


Meet the PBIT team

Our dynamic team support specific regions, building up strong relationships with the services they support as well as the individuals and colleagues they work with.



PBIT Brochure

Learn more about what our team do and how they work across our residential and supported living services, wherever and whenever they are needed.