Our #PWSandme Campaign  

Consensus Gretton, providers of support and accommodation for adults with Prader-Willi Syndrome (PWS) launched our PWSandme Campaign, which looks beyond PWS as a condition to the people whose lives have been touched by it, with the aim of creating better understanding and awareness of this rare genetic disorder.   

From the initial anxiety of the first steps down an unknown path, to the struggles encountered through different stages of life, through to the wonderful moments – the joy and the pride that have lit up each stage of their journey.

Mothers, fathers, individuals with PWS and their support workers. Their experiences, in their own words. Watch the videos below to hear their inspiring stories. 


Our #PWSandme Videos 

Watch as individuals with PWS and their parent’s share their journey’s from early years to adulthood


“She lost two stone, put it back, lost three stone, put it back but to see her change and be active again…this is up there because the stakes were so high and we knew that if this didn’t work then our options were small. It’s been an extraordinary journey.”

Mandy, Katie’s mum. 



“Alex as one of four siblings is easily the one who is the most thoughtful, who is the most generous, who’s the most organised. She will be the only child who gives me an early Mother’s day card, an early birthday card, an early anniversary card. And that sense of Prader-Willi being ordered and organised, definitely has a lot going for it.”

Kate, Alex’s mum.

Our #PWSandme Case Studies

Read each  individual family’s story of their child’s journey with PWS  

PWS is characterised by an excessive appetite and a range of cognitive, behavioural and emotional challenges; but with the right support, individuals with PWS can lead a happy, fulfilling life. To learn more, watch our ‘What is PWS?’ animation below.

Find out more about Consensus Gretton’s specialist PWS Services for adults.

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