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Unique, dedicated support for a rare condition

Consensus Gretton provide dedicated and unique support and accommodation for people with PWS. With an in-depth understanding of this rare, genetic condition we have a reputation for providing a high standard and best practice in PWS support. As well as helping to meet individual needs, our teams nurture each person’s strengths and abilities while understanding and managing their daily emotional, physical, behavioural and social challenges. We have residential services in Northamptonshire, Peterborough and Scotland and a supported living service in Essex for those who would benefit from a greater level of independence. Our homely and supportive services are in attractive rural and town locations and are close to a range of local facilities, so the individuals we support can lead a meaningful and fulfilling life in their local community. We use person centred planning to enable people to work towards the goals they wish to achieve. As innovative and forward thinking we actively drive PWS provision forward by developing new services which meet a diversity of need. We have also developed downloadable support and guidance materials as referenced on our site.

About Prader-Willi Syndrome

Prader-Willi Syndrome (PWS) is a rare genetic condition, affecting an estimated 1500 – 2000 people in the UK of all ages. Individuals are restricted in their daily life through their insatiable appetites and they may experience other complications, such as restricted growth and behavioural problems.



Our PWSandme Campaigns

In support of PWS Awareness Month, we are sharing stories as part of our on-going #PWSandme Campaign, with the aim of creating better understanding and awareness of this rare genetic condition.

From what it’s like Living, Parenting and Working with PWS “through the eyes” of individuals who have PWS, our campaigns cover the good times, the challenges, the moments of joy and pride that lit up each stage of their journey.




Success Stories

In this booklet you will find a selection of success stories about the people we support and how they have overcome the challenges they face every day. They are testimony to the fact that when the right support and structure is in place in the right setting and where their mental wellbeing is a top priority, people with PWS can live a meaningful, independent life and achieve their goals and dreams.




What’s happening around Consensus Gretton

Browse all the latest news across Consensus Gretton covering events, awards, achievements and showcasing the differences we have made to peoples’ lives.