Delivering Wide-Ranging Support for People with Learning Disabilities

Our passionate and dedicated teams support people with a range of learning disabilities including Down’s Syndrome as well as rarer forms of disability such as Angelman Syndrome. We’re also supporting people with complex, profound and multiple needs.

A learning disability is a reduced intellectual ability which usually develops before or at birth. It can range from mild to moderate or severe. When a person has a learning disability they can take longer to learn and may need support to develop new skills, understand complicated information, look after themselves and interact with other people. A person with severe learning disabilities can find it difficult to do many everyday activities, and is likely to need support with most aspects of their life.

Promoting Quality of Life

Our teams support adults with learning disabilities, whose needs range from the mild to the severe. Given the huge variation in needs, the support we deliver looks very different for each individual. Someone with a mild learning disability may only need occasional support, perhaps with a large life change like getting a job. And someone with a severe learning disability may need full­time care and support with every aspect of their life.

We have some specific services that focus on delivering tailored support for individuals with learning disabilities, particularly if they are severe. However, some of the individuals we support live in services where people have a range of needs. Whatever we do, we ensure the solution is tailored to the person’s needs, and that they will be compatible with a particular service and the people already living there.

We see beyond a person’s diagnosis to their personality: even an individual with severe learning difficulties has goals and wishes. We foster independence in every person we support, working with them and their families to explore choices and help them achieve short and longer term goals. With the right support people can achieve their full potential, building confidence and independence and living a meaningful life.