Support for people with a forensic background

Consensus supports individuals who have a learning disability or other complex needs who express behaviours that bring them into conflict with the criminal justice system. We help them to develop their independence and self-esteem to help them understand and manage their offending behaviour.

We work in partnership with criminal justice services and support people diverting from the system where learning disability or other related issues have been identified and where the person can become very vulnerable in the wrong setting.

Some of the people we support are undergoing adapted therapies. Traditionally this may have taken place in in-patient settings. However, Consensus provides a community-based living model that provides a ‘least restrictive alternative’ for them. All accommodation is fully tailored to the individuals we support; this means we can work with them to address their specific offending behaviours in a setting where the risks are comprehensively understood, shared and managed.

Specialist interventions and an in-depth understanding

Some of the individuals we support who have a history of offending have complex conditions that need specialist, tailored interventions from our Positive Behaviour Team.

With the individual’s full input, the team explores their motivation to offend and looks in-depth at their emotional, social and personal background, as well as their cognitive difficulties, with a view to breaking the cycle. This work aims to reduce risk and relapse and promote the individual’s ability to adjust and integrate into everyday social settings. We also work with individuals, supporting them to make healthy, positive choices about their lives, including encouraging them to take up meaningful activities to build their skills and self-esteem.

We have worked with a wide range of ex-offenders with learning disabilities who have successfully managed their behaviour, achieved greater independence and reduced their future risk of re-offending.


Always supporting opportunity, choice and success