Working together to support complex needs

Consensus offers specialist support and interventions for people with learning disability and additional challenges, including complex needs that impact on their quality of life. Complex needs can affect a person’s physical and mental wellbeing and may include additional cognitive needs and physical impairment. The issues can often exacerbate one another and dedicated support.


We understand that each person’s needs and challenges will be very different, so we work with an individual and their family to adapt settings and provide services to create an entirely personalised approach that meets their precise needs.

Our specialist intervention teams work in partnership with our referrals team to deliver skilled and trusted intervention and support.

Support for individuals who exhibit behaviours that challenge

Individuals with complex needs may exhibit behaviours that challenge. They may present with these behaviours because of a link to a particular disorder such as autistic spectrum condition. We see beyond the behaviour to the person: and we aim to understand the cause through person centred planning. When a person exhibits challenging behaviour that’s likely to endanger them or others, there’s always a reason behind it, and it’s that that we aim to address.

We believe in five key principles:

  • There is a connection between behaviour and communication
  • We have to recognise and respond to the purpose behind the behaviour
  • Everyone has strengths and talents
  • Complex behaviour does not need to limit people’s lives
  • We can help the people we support to enhance their quality of life



Harry’s Positive Outcome at Smugglers Barn

In 2004 Harry moved into Smugglers Barn with a variety of challenging behaviours and a diagnosis of Epilepsy. Since the age of six Harry had either been in hospital or special needs schools and had grown up with tendencies towards violence.



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