Tailored supported living and residential services for adults

Support is tailored around individual’s goals and aspirations. We help them explore ideas of what they want to achieve and work together on a plan which will help them to reach their goals. One person may want to live more independently or have their heart set on taking a holiday. Another may want to go to college or gain more confidence with their daily living skills.

In the main, Consensus support adults who have learning disabilities, autism, complex needs and Prader-Willi Syndrome. Every person’s needs and presentations are unique – some may have other physical and cognitive needs, including dual diagnosis, sensory perceptual issues, behaviours which others might challenging, early on-set dementia and visual and hearing impairment.

We meet their specific needs with absolute dedication and commitment to working long-term with them, their families and other stakeholders to ensure they have a happy, fulfilling life. We also work closely with other health professionals to maintain physical health, mental health and wellbeing. Find out more below:


Learning disability support for children and young people

We also provide specific services offering support and accommodation for children and young people aged 12-25.  Our three dedicated homes support younger individuals as they transition to adulthood, helping them to develop the independence, self esteem and living skills they’ll need as they move on to an adult setting.


Transition support

Our autism and behavioural specialists work with our support teams to gain a deep understanding of each individual and to ensure they are placed in the right setting. Our accommodation options provide a range of services to meet specific and bespoke needs including: residential services with and without nursing, supported living services and community support. We also provide residential and supported living services for people with Prader-Willi Syndrome.

We also understand that, for the people we support, any change can cause anxiety. So when an individual moves to a Consensus service, or between our services, we’ll follow a transition plan to ensure that things run smoothly. This might include visits to the service, supervised overnight stays and/or meals there. A key worker, a trusted member of staff, will coordinate the move and be the individual’s guide throughout the process.

Talk to our Referrals Team to find out how we can help you on 0808 223 5320