Every individual we support has their unique goals and dreams

What each person does will be unique to them. We spend time listening to, and understanding, each person we support and their family. We learn about what’s important to them, what their needs and wants are and what goals they’d like to achieve.

Those goals will be different for everyone. For some people learning how to manage their money might be really important. For others it may be using public transport more confidently, learning to plan and cook meals, finding voluntary or paid work, learning how to sustain a healthy lifestyle or how to plan a holiday. We also encourage the people we support to maintain existing relationships and build new ones. We believe that, with the right help, individuals we support can live an active, engaged, meaningful life within their local community.

Fulfilling potential at their own pace

In our supportive, homely residential and supported living services we encourage individuals to fulfil their potential at their own pace and in their own time. Here they can safely learn how to gain confidence in their daily living skills and to start to take control of as many aspects of their life as they feel confident to do so.

Most of our services are in, or close to, towns, enabling the individuals we support to take advantage of a wealth of shopping, leisure and employment opportunities and community activities nearby. Here they can meet new people and extend their social networks – enhancing their confidence and self esteem and helping them to develop active, meaningful and fulfilling lives.

What does success look like?

We support individuals who will have their own view of what success means for them. For one person, using public transport and becoming more independent, managing their money or trying a new hobby may be life changing. For another it may be getting a part time job or taking a holiday.

Some of the individuals we support may not have had the opportunity to achieve their goals in other settings. At Consensus, we work with them to build their self esteem and independence so they can start to explore their goals – that in itself may be their first sight of success.



Everything we do is about giving a person the opportunities and choices they need to achieve success and live their life in the way they choose. This includes supporting people to find work.









Quiz Night At Gretton Village Hall

Gretton Homes organised and hosted a fundraising Quiz night at the Gretton Village Hall recently, as a way of getting together with colleagues, others who live in the village as well as additional friends and family.



Ben’s Chipping in to do his bit

Ben lives at Ty Hendy a residential service for people with learning disability and other complex needs in Carmarthenshire. A young man on the autistic spectrum, who loves life and socialising but has struggled with behaviours that can challenge others.



Matts Newsletter

Prior to Matty moving into Primrose Bank, part of Grovelands Farmhouse seven years ago, he had lived within a secure unit, for around 18 months.