Residential services in safe, supportive, nurturing settings

Our residential services offer support and accommodation for people with learning disabilities, autism and additional complex needs, including Prader-Willi Syndrome. A residential setting offers people reassurance and security, where they have a full support team around them and are happy to live with other people. These services are often in smaller settings, designed to feel like an individual’s home. To help provide the right balance of support and accommodation to suit people’s needs, preferences and levels of independence we offer various residential settings including; shared accommodation only, shared accommodation and some self-contained flats and enhanced residential services that only offer self-contained flats.

What is a Residential Service?

The people we support need – and deserve – the very best support, and with small services we’re able to tailor everything we do to each person. Our services are almost all in carefully adapted houses in attractive residential areas close to shops, services and community resources and are often modified to meet specific needs. The main difference between a residential setting and a supported living setting is that team members are there 24/7 to ensure support is always on hand.

Our residential services can provide a ‘step down’ option for people who may have spent long periods in secure settings and are now working towards greater independence. For others they offer a safe, nurturing environment where they can live their life within their local community, with the level of support they need. Some of our residential services also provide nursing support for people with physical disabilities and other complex needs.

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Consensus provide RESIDENTIAL and SUPPORTED LIVING services across the UK providing expert support to people with learning disability, autism, complex needs and Prader-Willi Syndrome.


About our supporting living services

Our supported living services allow people with learning disabilities, autism and complex needs to have greater levels of autonomy and independence through having their own tenancy and to have maximum choice and control over their lives. Individuals will have a person-centred, bespoke support plan alongside their tenancy which enables them to lead a full, active, meaningful life within their local community.




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NEW Services

Over time our services have evolved so that we can offer a wide range of quality residential, supported living and transition services to meet bespoke needs. We invest time, resources and expertise in ensuring that a new setting is exactly right for an individual – always involving them in that process.


Life at Consensus

Every individual we support has their unique goals and dreams. What each person does will be unique to them. We spend time listening to, and understanding, each person we support and their family. We learn about what’s important to them, what their needs and wants are and what goals they’d like to achieve.


Meet our PBIT Team

Our Positive Behaviour Intervention Team help lead to positive outcomes for everyone involved. They take a person-centred approach to find out the reason behind an individual’s challenging behaviour and produce support plans and strategies to reduce the behaviour and improve the person’s quality of life.