Supporting Raymond, an 84-year old man with a Learning Disability

August 28, 2020

Raymond, an 84-year old man with a learning disability and additional complex needs, including a physical disability and a hearing impairment, moved into The Hollies, a specialist residential setting within Ty Hendy in Carmarthenshire Wales after a previous placement broke down.

Just because he his older, his right to specialist support must continue… People with learning disability, particularly as they get older, must continue to receive specialist support. They are prone to many more cognitive, social, communication and physical challenges than older people who do not have learning disability as our video explains. And where a standard elderly care home setting is not likely to be able to meet all their specialist needs. That’s where specialist learning disability settings like The Hollies can truly make the difference in enabling older people to live their best life. Read about Raymond’s story…

Watch our video to see what really makes the difference for older people with a learning disability….