Supporting G’s sporty, go-getter personality to try something new!

February 12, 2018

G moved to The Grange back in November 2009. Whilst he lives with Autism and profound hearing difficulties, he has always been lively and enjoys being outdoors, walking, horse-riding and is particularly fond of water play.

In the late summer of 2017, G started working with his new keyworker, Byron, and together they researched a little bit more about a group called ‘Paddlers’ who were based in Llandysul just a 30 minute drive away.  Byron had thought that maybe with his love of water, mixed with a little ambition and creativity, G might like to learn to paddle a Canoe.

Byron contacted ‘Paddlers’ with G’s consent, who invited G to visit for a taster session with one to one support to see how he got along. G put on a wet suit for the very first time and whilst like most of us he had a few initial difficulties, the team at ‘Paddlers’ were amazing and very quickly he was off in the Canoe and loved it!

As a learning from G’s experience with the wet suite the team at ‘Paddlers’ ordered a dry suit for his next visit. G now visits one afternoon, every week and with one to one tuition now manages to canoe all the way down from the lake to the river mouth. There are plenty of social events hosted by the ‘Paddlers’ group and they always invite G to go along, really ensuring he is a full part of the canoe community.