Positive links with Community Specialists prevent a hospital admission

July 13, 2018

The support team at Gretton House have long established positive working relationships with local health and social care professionals. Those links were further strengthened this year though multi-agency working whilst ensuring the prevention of a hospital admission for one person supported at Gretton House in Northamptonshire.

Harry is a young man who came to live at Gretton House in February 2015 from a psychiatric hospital.  He experienced a decline in his Mental Health in the August of 2016 which resulted in being admitted to a local hospital for approximately three months, to receive the treatment he required.  The ward in the hospital has since closed and there are no longer any local services for people with Learning Disabilities who require an inpatient service due to Mental Health issues.

At the beginning of June 2018, the Support Team noticed that Harry was displaying worrying behaviours indicating a decline in his Mental Health. Colleagues monitored these for a couple of days and followed Harry’s Wellness Plan, but it was clear that he was becoming unwell. The team have a close and positive relationship with Harry and know him well and so they knew they needed to intervene quickly to try and avoid a hospital admission. They knew if this was required a bed would need to be found, which may have been anywhere in the country, with people and professionals who would not know Harry.

The Community Nurse was contacted and came out the following day to assess Harry. Following his assessment, she agreed with the support team that Harry was having a Mental Health decline and, although he didn’t meet the criteria for “sectioning” he needed some urgent help. The Community Nurse arranged for the Intensive Support Team to visit daily. In addition, an urgent psychiatrist appointment was made for three days later, which Harry initially refused to attend. Colleagues in the team used their skills and knowledge to reassure Harry at every stage, and eventually, he did agree to attend, resulting in a change of his medication.

The entire team continued to support Harry calmly and positively ensuring that he felt safe. His health and wellbeing remained at the forefront of everything they did. While the medication took effect, Harry’s behaviours were extremely demanding and challenging, however with complete consistency and patience the team supported him throughout, gradually seeing an improvement in his Mental Health and overall wellbeing.

Mid-June the team at Gretton House hosted afternoon tea for everyone supported, their family, friends and colleagues. Harry’s Mother attended and was keen to praise the team for their skill in recognising Harry’s decline and their prompt actions in getting him the right help and support, which she knows had a positive effect on his Mental Health and avoided Harry having to be admitted to hospital.  Harry is well, once again and no longer requires the previous regular visits from the Intensive Support Team or Community Nurse.