A positive atmosphere brings David a renewed joy for life

March 14, 2017

Station Road is a large and pleasant home close to the town of Kettering and known for its caring supportive environment for people with learning and physical disabilities in need of nursing care.

The home prides itself on its positive atmosphere and this is something that has proved to be invaluable in caring for David when he arrived in the November of 2015.

Prior to arriving, at Station Road, David had experienced severe and increasing pain in his legs when walking and being active in his community. It was discovered that he had problems with brittle bones and endured several extremely tough operations upon his legs, which led to them being placed in a cage for support. When looking to discharge David the hospital team needed to find a suitable setting that could support him with a variety of complex needs in addition to his learning and physical disabilities. David also lives with mental health issues.

David’s stay in hospital had been a lengthy one and during that time he had gone from being mobile to not being able to bear weight on his lower limbs and needing the support of a wheelchair. This would be a difficult transition for anyone but for David with additional complex needs this was extremely challenging.

The support team at Station Road are perfectly set up for supporting individuals like David and nursed him for several months following his arrival, both ensuring his physical and mental health were constantly being improved. They worked with health professionals making sure medication was working positively for him and gently improving the condition of his legs so that the cage could be removed. Getting to know everything they could about his likes, dislikes, hopes and aspirations the team were able to work together in providing David events to look forward to on a regular basis in the future. This helps David with his mental wellbeing and also helped the team to encourage David when learning to self-propel himself in his wheelchair.

David’s health is improving all the time as is his confidence. With great encouragement and support from the team he is now moving himself between his wheelchair to armchairs and from his bed to his chair. Having mastered some of these challenges David is more able to consider accessing the community. For quite some time getting out has been placed to the back of David’s mind whilst he recovered sufficiently well to cope with his new situation.

Whilst supporting David the team learnt that he has a great love of all things relating to Martial Arts and Kung Fu, so just a few months ago the team supported David to take in a show at the local Lighthouse Theatre. He was absolutely delighted with the show and is keen to see more at the theatre knowing he just needs one to one support to get there.

David has a love for going out for meals, it’s something that has featured regularly in his life and he is now picking this back up with vigour and being supported to enjoy his favourites, such as, KFC and Indian cuisine. With his taste buds now buzzing, back into action, David is also now actively doing his shopping weekly with support too.

But by far the best milestone so far in David’s time so far at the home is his recent visit for afternoon tea celebrating his birthday at his Sisters house around 30 minutes’ drive away.

Since arriving at Station Road David has enjoyed regular visits made by his sister. David’s sister was very keen that David should get out for his birthday and invited him to take afternoon tea with her and many friends at her house. The team were only too pleased to be able to make the service’s minibus available for David and a support worker to make the trip. The afternoon was a huge success and David and his sister are both keen to make this a regular feature in their diaries and know the team will support them to make this happen.