My Life at Bear Road

September 1, 2017

Nathan, a supported individual, recently created a newsletter to share his achievements and life with family and friends. Here we share a few extracts from it illustrating his obvious joy and increasing confidence.

These past 3 months have been exciting for me. I tried several new activities with the support and encouragement of staff.  It takes time & lots of effort to prompt me but they did not give up as you can see below:

 ‘I had a great meeting with Amber (Positive Behaviour Specialist) to work out strategies on how best to support me. We did ‘Talking mats’ and discussed a lot about my likes & dislikes.

As a result of our chat, I am going to come up with my own personal two-week menu with all my favourite food items in pictures. This way I can get more involved in doing my personal food shopping.

I will also learn about budget planning so I can be more involved in handling my finances.

My next session with  Amber will deal with my getting more involved in the house by being responsible for specific chores.

I always talk about getting married and enjoy having a girlfriend. I will be having a session with a nurse specialist who will be explaining to me about relationships and its many aspects.

So, more exciting things to come …..”

I do activities with a friend at Bear Road that we both enjoy, like bowling and the arcade. I even won our last game! 


Sometimes, I just chill doing activities at home with friends and the staff team.

I also do things by myself with staff like visiting the airport or London’s Trafalgar Square or just enjoying a bus ride ….

Best of all, my favourite girl had her birthday in June and I was her special guest. We had so much fun.”

Talking Mats communication symbols tool, is based on extensive research and designed by Speech and Language Therapists.

It uses unique specially designed picture communication symbols that are attractive to all ages and communication abilities and are used by clinical practitioners, carers and support workers in a wide range of health, social work, residential and education settings. It helps people to organise their thoughts and express their views.

Our Positive Behaviour Support Team have been amazed at how much this communication tool has helped them to further understand individual’s views, aspirations and wants. The team at Consensus have been able to personalise this tool and used it in a variety of settings and situations.