Lee’s Story – Courtwick Park

November 21, 2016

Lee came to Courtwick Park with a history of challenging behaviour. However, after just a short time with the support team he was able to participate in a range of community activities including shopping, going to a local disco and engaging with other residents.

However, at this point, Lee’s medication was changed and his behaviours became increasingly challenging, so the team quickly agreed a new approach to his support plan with Lee and key health and social care professionals.

Following the required change in his epilepsy medication, Lee became agitated, physically confrontational and began to obsess about particular clothing and foodstuffs, especially coffee. He became non-cooperative during activities both inside and outside of the service and sadly also began to neglect his personal care and hygiene.

The support team at Courtwick Park carried out a further full re-examination of Lee’s needs. They worked closely with Lee, Consensus’ Positive Behaviour Intervention Team and a speech therapist from the County’s Healthcare Team to set up a clear plan of support. A comprehensive range of areas that Lee required support in was identified, including personal care, social behaviour, cognitive skills and access to the wider community.

A clear and consistent plan was then agreed with the involvement of Lee and the entire support team. As part of the new plan a new approach to verbal communication utilised simple phrases, short sentences and one word requests, reinforced with sign-along. Lee was encouraged to make his own choices and also make use of an agreed space in the garden or lounge that he would go to when he started to feel angry or display aggressive behaviour.

The team modified Lee’s diet to remove unnecessary stimulants such as coffee and he was supported to reduce any anxieties about specific items of clothing.

Enabling Lee to develop techniques with which he can self-regulate and de-escalate behaviour, he has substantially reduced his instances of aggression. As a result, Lee feels far more in control and is now looking forward to working with the support team on the other outcomes identified in the agreed support plan.

Lee’s family have already seen improvements in his personal care and overall wellbeing. As he continues to make progress Lee is focussing on re-engaging in his favourite activities, such as going to the disco and eating out.