Key to achieving success is the right environment

April 13, 2017

When the support team at Ty Hendy assessed Daisy she was experiencing some extremely challenging behaviours taking the form of both physical and verbal aggression.

The environment in which she had been living was not one that afforded her a quiet space to reflect or reduce her anxieties and the team felt this was having a negative impact on her behaviours. The team at Ty Hendy were able to offer a self-contained flat whilst also providing two to one support during the day and dedicated one to one support at night.

Daisy moved to Ty Hendy at the end of January 2017 and her behaviours have reduced significantly. The team have supported her with a robust and consistent approach which has meant over the last few months she has been able to focus on identifying and achieving some personal goals. The team sought the support of Consensus’ Positive Behavioural Support Team and have ensured that all the recommendations made in terms of supporting Daisy have been followed and form a key element of her support plan.

Daisy is enjoying walking dogs from the local dog rescue centre on a voluntary basis, supported by members of the team. She had identified that as a young woman, who takes an interest in her appearance, she would like to lose a little weight and develop a healthier lifestyle.

The team explored a variety of active options with Daisy and they settled upon a few that she thought that she would enjoy and be able to undertake easily on a regular basis.

Daisy is now trampoling and swimming as part of her new healthy lifestyle and combining this with her regular walks. She thoroughly enjoys a wide variety of foods and is working with members of the team to develop a new healthy menu. For Daisy it is not about dieting but instead more about making healthier choices and being supported with this. She is enjoying learning how to choose foods and meals that are good for her and is benefiting slowly and steadily from this. The team are keen to support her in achieving long term benefits through awareness and confidence in being active within her community.

With a healthy lifestyle, confidence growing in the community and trusted relationships being built with members of the support team Daisy is successfully managing her behaviours and as a result recently also enjoyed a visit with her family without issue. She was supported by the team to travel by car for the visit, being dropped off and five days later being collected. The visit was much enjoyed by Daisy and her family and the team felt this was a very real milestone in Daisy’s successful move to Ty Hendy.