John’s Story – Blakeney House

November 28, 2017

John’s show stopping confidence

John moved into Blakeney House in February 2016.

His choices in relation to social activities and opportunities to meet new people had been limited previously, however John by nature is gregarious. He loves the company of other people and being out and about in his local community.

So the support team set about trying to find an activity where John could express himself and also provide an opportunity to meet new friends and shine.

John now goes to a weekly drama group called ‘Showstoppers’. Through the study of drama they promote confidence and enjoyment helping to develop self-expression, self-awareness, friendship and co-operation in a safe and trusting environment.

When John first started the group support colleagues stayed to support him, now they just drop him off as he loves the time to himself and being with his mates.

John has since invited his friends from ‘Showstoppers’ to his home for his birthday and he in turn has been out with them to celebrate theirs.

John’s confidence has grown and this shows in every aspect of his life. He knows his way around his community and will happily take you to his favourite café where he is known by everyone. He strikes up conversations with people, loves to go to the pub and order himself a Guinness.

Recently support colleagues made a DVD with John and his family filming him talking about what he likes to do and on location with his drama club, which he enjoyed immensely.

The team say it has been great to watch someone grow in confidence and flourish.

John’s brother recently said;

“I can’t tell you how happy we are that John is at a home that is professionally and confidently run. We see evidence of this every time we visit and John identifies with all the staff.

The work that you and the team have put in, in meeting John’s individual requirements, as well as seeking out local groups that encourage and stretch John’s boundaries is superb. The ‘Mencap’ Wednesday drama group is such a revelation that John talks about it all the time. We feel so contented that John is settled and this, in turn, has put our minds at ease.”