Jean’s Story – Supported Living Wales

October 27, 2017

Jean Richards is 34 and has been living at a Consensus supported living service for just two years. She has a learning disability, and has been living in residential homes since the age of 15 in England and Wales. Jean is a very independent lady who loves living in Carmarthen where she is within walking distance of the shopping centre, visiting most days of the week.

She also works on a Wednesday at Ty Hendy, another Consensus service, near Pontardulais, in a paid role as a receptionist. Jean catches two buses independently to get there. She enjoys her job and loves talking to the other team members, who she got to know when she lived there prior to moving in as an independent tenant.

Jean loves socialising and going for weekend breaks on her own, and since living in her new apartment, Jean has developed a good relationship with her family whom she loves to visit.

She recently went on a family holiday to Devon and Weston-Super-Mare which was very successful, including being invited to her brother’s wedding which also went well. Jean loves to relax watching the soaps on TV, especially the old ones and listening to music such as JLS, S Club 7 and STEPS.

With support Jean, has learnt to cook and shop for herself. She admits she still needs some support with her finances but is growing more confident as time goes on. Jean is very prompt with her bill payments and does not build up any debts. Jean also has support to maintain her tenancy keeping it clean and reporting any problems.

Jean has grown further in confidence and self-esteem since moving into her new home. She has learnt alternative ways of dealing with her emotions, and although she can still experience a shortness in temper, she is now able to walk away until calmer and able to engage positively again.

Through continued engagement and support Jean has been able to develop a productive life and feels that now she is able to contribute to society.  Jean is very happy living with support in her new home but does hope one day to move independently into her own apartment or flat, something she is being supported with working towards.