Jason’s Story – Heather Holmes

September 6, 2017

Jason is a gentleman who lives at Heather Holmes and enjoyed going to his local day centre every day. This then changed and despite meetings with the day centre the support team were unable to establish a cause for this.

Jason became quite reclusive at home and refused to join in any activities, often choosing to remain in his bedroom playing on his PlayStation despite efforts from the support team to encourage him to participate in the homes other activities.

As the team felt Jason’s wellbeing was being impacted, they hosted a meeting with Jason and his parents, whereby his mum informed the Manager of Heather Holmes, that when younger Jason used to enjoy taking apart electrical items. Inspired by this insight the team decided to source some old electrical items and encourage Jason to give this a try again.

Colleagues supported Jason to go out and buy a small tool kit and the Manager emailed all the other Consensus homes for any old electrical items they no longer needed, and they looked around the house, finding some redundant items too.

When the first old bits of electrical equipment were given to Jason he spent all day with a big smile on his face and thoroughly enjoyed getting familiar with it all, the team then also brought some old items from their own homes too.

Jason is very quick and patient, so it didn’t take him long to get through everything. So thoughts turned to thinking about how they could source additional items easily and for free. A quick thinking member of the team then supported Jason to go to the local charity shop in Desborough.

Once at the charity shop the staff there were very helpful and arranged to keep all of their unwanted and broken electrical items for Jason at no cost. One particular lady in the charity shop now collects these items up and brings them to Heather Holmes for Jason when they have a variety of pieces.

On a very positive note and as a direct consequence, Jason now seems to have regained his confidence and spends a lot of his time out of his room, and has shown he now likes to help in the garden too.