Jane’s Story – Frinton House

November 21, 2016

Jane, is a sweet lovely lady who thrives in the company of other people, not just those with whom she lives with at Frinton House but also the many friends she has made in the community, especially in her local Church.

She is fun loving, sociable and very friendly and likes keeping up to date with the activities of the Royal Family, collecting lots of books about them.

The Support Team at Frinton House are mindful that within every person’s support plan they need to ensure that they consider and respond to spiritual and cultural beliefs. When Jane first arrived at Frinton house, the team were aware that she occasionally attended a local Church. However in April 2014, through friends she was invited to join the congregation in the Living World Church, a local Pentecostal Church. There she enjoys singing lively praise and worship songs. Having made lots of new friends, Jane has quickly become a very popular member of the Church, responding positively to the Pastor when preaching. She is known to her congregation as a “darling” in the Church.

With a great deal of excitement, Jane always, reminds the support team on Sunday that she wants to go to Church. The team are pleased to be able to support her, Jane is always accompanied by one of the team. Her attendance has been regular now for some time and has played a positive part in establishing a routine. One day Jane decided to be baptised by immersion, this was a big decision and people close to her had concerns that she might not be physically able to enjoy being immersed fully due to her disabilities but she remained very determined, talking at length with the Pastor about her desire to be baptised.

Jane has a keen interest in all the other Church activities such as attending movie nights and Church family meals. With the support of the team and through her own enthusiasm, Jane now finds herself able to join in fully during praise and worship, standing, raising hands and singing albeit with slurred speech.

With a huge amount of perseverance and determination Jane’s wish to be baptised was granted. She was officially baptised on the 16th October 2016, with her family present to witness the occasion. Jane had support from the team at Frinton House to invite all those close to her for what was a very important and extremely special day for her.

When asked why she wanted to be baptised she said “I’m a lady now and I want to be baptised in water, just as I was when I was a baby, although this was just water on my forehead, and I want to be saved and follow Jesus.”

With the continued support of the team at Frinton House Jane has been able to fulfil her goal and is a very happy and contented lady. The experience has given Jane a refreshed sense of self, so much so that she prefers now to be called ‘New Jane’ following her baptism in the water. The team organised a party, which Jane thoroughly enjoyed, after her baptism where she was joined by her family and everyone living at Frinton House in celebration of her special day. Frinton House are extremely proud to be able to support ‘New Jane’ in her spiritual life and ensuring her support plan continues to be completely person centred.