Improved wellbeing takes flight

September 8, 2017

As the planes fly overhead Fred feels a sense of calm, rekindling fond memories of his childhood.

As a birthday wish and as part of Fred’s person centred plan his support worker helped to organise with Fred a trip to Duxford. His late father worked for many years at Stansted Airport and used to take both Fred and his brother to watch the planes take off and fly. Since his father’s passing Fred has been prone to experiencing low moods and can be tempted to spend many hours shut in his room watching DVDs.

Just last year Fred made the move from Surrey to Aldeburgh House in Mersea to be closer to his brother, who lives locally with his young family. This move enabled the support team to spend time getting to know and understand Fred and has resulted in them being able to support Fred through his depression and low moods. The health and wellbeing of people we support is the team’s first priority. They are within relatively easy driving distance to Stansted and Cambridge for Duxford. Visiting Stansted helps Fred both in terms of feeling closer to his father but also encourages him to get out into the community and socialise with housemates whilst enjoying his love for planes.

His brother and family keep regular contact with Fred and they enjoy lunches and dinners together and talk frequently on the phone. The move has meant that Fred has been able to spend time more with his brother, wife and their young daughter and develop their relationship. Having left an Auntie behind in Surrey to whom Fred is also very close, Fred is supported to also ensure that he maintains regular communications with her. He loves helium balloons and his Auntie could not resist sending a huge balloon for his birthday along with his other favourite passion chocolate in the form of a bouquet!

The trip to Duxford for his birthday was enjoyed so thoroughly that his support worker encouraged and supported Fred to take a trip to nearby Clacton with a housemate to enjoy the annual air show. They spent many happy hours watching the planes dart across the sky and took full advantage of the good weather on the coast on a busy late summers’ day.

Although it’s not always possible to spend time outside viewing the planes the team supports Fred to source YouTube video of the planes taking off at Stansted. By looking at the areas that can improve wellbeing and health as part of the discussions with Fred such as; housing, resources, our physical environment and social connections the team have been able to identify that ensuring Fred gets out, not just on his own but with family and or friends is key to his wellbeing and when he is feeling in a more positive space he is more able to consider new opportunities and experiences and build on his overall health.

Living close to the coast helps offer a calm relaxing environment and the house in which he lives offers personal space in his room and an opportunity to socialise through shared facilities. Being close to family with support to build relationships is hugely beneficial and the ease of access to local places of interest to Fred are all proving to be important contributors to Fred leading a more fulfilling life with plenty of opportunities to be explored when he is ready.