Harry’s Story – Smugglers Barn

November 18, 2016

Harry’s Positive Outcome at Smugglers Barn

In 2004 Harry* moved into Smugglers Barn with a variety of challenging behaviours and a diagnosis of Epilepsy. Since the age of six Harry had either been in hospital or special needs schools and had grown up with tendencies towards violence; these outbursts were aimed towards his mother and generally anybody who came into close contact with him. Harry has always been very verbal and would often verbally abuse individuals through frustration. Aside from the physical and verbal abuse Harry was extremely challenging in that he would not do what was asked of him; he would refuse to get up to take his medications, would not take part in any of the organised activities and when going out into the community he required 1:1 support at all times.

A support package was created to ensure Harry’s various needs were met and since Harry is very articulate he was able to contribute to his support plan, along with his mother and the support staff at Smugglers Barn. Harry’s main goal was to be able to go out into the community on his own. This was a big undertaking for all concerned, however, a relevant support plan was put in place to enable Harry to gain the confidence, understanding and the awareness required for him to achieve this level of independence.

Harry was involved in the entire process which included putting together a risk assessment for both himself and staff to follow. It was agreed that the local garden centre was an ideal location for Harry to visit and support staff began talking with him about the route and how to get there, road safety, developing his knowledge of using his mobile phone and educating him with the skills required to manage a small amount of money to spend at the garden centre. Harry also assisted with the development of an information card for him to carry on him with his relevant personal details should he have a seizure whilst out on his own.

Harry’s first successful journey to and from the garden centre was two years ago: He followed all the guidance -even bought himself craft materials and enjoyed refreshments in the café. On this route to the garden centre Harry met a friend; to this day they remain friends and regularly visit each other offering him fulfilment and independence away from the service.

Harry now aspires to visit the local pub on his own without support staff and we are currently in the process of drawing up a support plan and risk assessment in order for us to assist Harry in achieving his new goal. This will involve negotiating a busy road with other obstacles but with the correct support from the team at Smugglers Barn we are sure that Harry will achieve his goal and gain further independence in order to achieve his positive outcomes.

* names have been changed to protect privacy