Edward’s story – Little Smugglers

November 21, 2016

Risk is a fundamental aspect of daily life and Consensus works hard not to eliminate risk, but to promote a greater understanding of risk and the decision process required to manage it. This approach ensures that the people we support are far better equipped to deal with the risk they will undoubtedly encounter when moving on to more independent settings.

As new experiences go, going out for a curry or having your first ‘shot’ and going clubbing are some of the more extreme, so you could forgive Edward’s mother for being slightly anxious upon finding out he was taking on all three in one night.

Edward is a fun-loving young man who loves nothing more than loud music, girls and beer, but the opportunity to go on a night out had never been open to him before moving to Little Smugglers. Having got to know Edward, his key worker Kayleigh and senior team leader made it their mission that he should be supported to enjoy the night out he had always craved.

Having spoken to Edward’s supportive mother Annette and his sister Lydia, the pair carried out all of the necessary risk assessments before contacting ‘Moka’ nightclub in Crawley to let them know they were intending to come down.

When the night came, an excited Edward enjoyed a cider as he got dressed up in his new clubbing gear. Lydia arrived at 7.45pm and Kayleigh joined them as they headed off to Tarana Curry House in Lingfield for their meal. A lover of spicy food, Edward chose a madras curry, which he washed down with a few beers. He was reveling in his newfound independence as he ordered his own drinks using sign language.

The group arrived at ‘Moka’ at 10.30pm and Edward received star treatment from the club. He ordered more drinks and enjoyed a ride in the lift before exploring the club further. Edward loved the loud music and the light shows. Kayleigh and Lydia took plenty of photos to capture the night, with Lydia even filming Edward having his first ‘shot’ to show their mum. Tipsy but tired, Edward headed home just before midnight with the night having been an overwhelming success.

Edward’s mum was thrilled that he had been given the opportunity and greatly appreciated the effort that Kayleigh had gone to in organising the night out and including his family in the experience.