Angela’s Story – Blossoms

November 2, 2017

I was born on the 18th May 1951 and moved into a home called Magnolia House when my Mother passed away.

Magnolia, was a big house but really did not suit my needs as my mobility was deteriorating and I could not use the stairs. In 2011, I was offered the opportunity to go and look at a home in Wellingborough called Blossoms.

Blossoms is a bungalow where up to six people can live. I went to visit and have tea with the other people living there. I like the house and my bedroom. It needed some work doing, as I am a wheelchair user and so it was agreed that a ramp would be put outside my back door. This was so that if I needed to get out in an emergency, I could.

I moved into Blossoms in June 2011 and I soon settled into my new home with my new housemates. My room was kitted out with equipment to meet my specific needs, like a tracking hoist and call alarms, in case I need support at night

My brother Robert and sister-in-law Chris visit me whenever they can, but they both lead very busy lives.

I really like living at Blossoms and love to speak to the support team about how things used to be with my mother. I loved living with my mum and used to help her out with every aspect of daily living. I used to help her with the washing and cleaning and I used to help her look after our cats. I always tell team members that Robert didn’t used to help as much as me, which makes me chuckle!

I often think about my mum, we had a very close relationship.

I have good relationships with the support workers at Blossoms and I have a key worker who helps me organise my appointments and supports me to maintain a good wellbeing.

My passion is rabbits, I love to go and see them every week at ‘Pets at Home’.

I enjoy lots of activities like cinema, theatre going to the pub and of course shopping. I always say “I will shop till I drop”, this makes people laugh.

I love to watch TV, including cooking programmes and quiz shows, I also love watching DVDs, like ‘On the Buses’ and ‘Dads Army’.

I use a wheelchair to mobilise myself, but I need full support to do this, I also use a walking frame and with support can walk a few steps from my chair to my bathroom.

Back in November 2015, my health declined, which resulted in me being unable to walk and requiring to be hoisted. I was quite poorly and had several stays in hospital, struggling to eat my food and drink in the way I was used to.

All the support team at Blossoms were great and supported me to adjust to the changes. They stayed with me during the day at the hospital and my brother and sister-in-law also visited me there.

When I came home to Blossoms I was still quite poorly and the team arranged for the community team to visit me they are called; CTPLD. I had visits from the nurse, the occupational therapist and a speech and language therapist. I was given a special diet to use, which meant I could only eat pureed food. For a long time I was very poorly and stopped enjoying doing the things I used to.

I was tired and got lots of chest infections and did not have much to say or talk about. Through all of this I had the support from the Blossoms team, the community team and my family. I also got a new wheelchair which was so comfortable, I could stay out of bed longer and have small trips to the park.

It is now nearly November 2017 and I am so well I am not on pureed food after lots of support. I am eating foods in the way I used to, which is great because I love having a McDonalds it’s not the same pureed!

I am also out most days doing all the things I used to, well nearly. I am still unable to walk and need hoisting but my new wheelchair is great and so comfortable. I get to go and see the rabbits at ‘Pets at Home’, have lunch out and am back to my chatty self and love catching up with all the gossip.

I have also enjoyed working with Sharon, Blossoms Manager, whilst she is completing people moving training. As I am the only individual to be hoisted at Blossoms, Sharon asked if I wanted to have team members hoist me during refresher training, so I could say if it felt safe and comfortable. I really enjoy being involved with this, especially as it’s about me.