During these challenging times we have been committed to help keep the people who live in our services safe, as well as supporting people with learning disability, autism and complex needs to come and live in our services.

To put your mind at ease, please read below about the robust procedures we have put in place. This has meant our Referrals team adapting our referrals process as you can see in the article and quick guide below and we can demonstrate first-hand how we have successfully achieved this with Nick and Matthew having both moved into a service during the pandemic.

We are ensuring all risks are minimised not only for people joining our services but for individuals already living there and our colleagues through use of PPE, infection control, robust cleaning and testing which you can learn more about below.


Our Referrals team are here to help

Our team is working closely with commissioners and families to help ensure that individuals are still able to move into a new appropriate setting safely during the pandemic with a person-centred approach. From virtual assessments and virtual tours of our services, testing procedures and policies for safe transition our team are working hard to ensure everyone’s health, safety and wellbeing. Call us on 0808 223 5320 for further help.


Our placement process during the pandemic

Our process from referral right through to an individual safely moving into one of our services is shown in an easy to digest quick guide. Whilst this provides an overview, each stage is considered alongside the individual’s unique needs and adapted where appropriate. Our overriding ethos is still to ensure at assessment stage that the individual will be compatible with others living in the service. Please find out about our placement process below.


“I am proud of the team and their commitment to ensure we could successfully transition Nick into the service, while at the same time keeping the existing individuals we support safe.” 

Read about our successful admissions during the pandemic – Summer 2020

Nick, an individual with a mild to moderate learning disability and autism, was due to move into Strawberry Fields, West Sussex in April. However due to the Covid lockdown, his transition into the service had to be pushed back. With Nick’s current service in the process of closing down there was some urgency in successfully transitioning him as soon as was feasible…


Matthew, who has a mild learning disability and autism, was looking for a supported living service just before the country went into lockdown. Matthew got in touch with Consensus and a virtual person-centred assessment was set up and the Consensus team concluded that Redan Street would be able to support Matthew’s individual needs. The next steps were how to transition him safely…


View our Covid-19 safety guide

From Covid testing, PPE, oximeter and temperature tests to check early symptoms, PPE, minimising environmental contamination and restricting visits  – we are doing all we can to ensure the health, safety and wellbeing of our supported individuals, colleagues and visitors.



Meet our Referrals Team 

Throughout the Corona Virus pandemic, our Referrals Team have continued to work in partnership with commissioning authorities to assess new referrals and plan a safe and successful transition into a Consensus service. Our friendly team are here to help to ensure your transition into one of our services is smooth and done as safely as possible.


Life at a Consensus home…

Our service locations 

Our accommodation options provide a range of services to meet specific and bespoke needs including: Residential Services with and without nursing, Supported Living Services, Short Breaks and Community Support.


Sharing our stories

Our highly experienced support teams have been coming up with fun, innovative and thoughtful ways of keeping the people they support safe, happy and involved in decision making during these challenging times.


We are committed to quality

Consensus is committed to delivering the highest levels of support to the individuals we support, to their families and to the commissioners we work with. We have robust policies and procedures in place.



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