Station Road’s garden is blooming

September 26, 2017

Station Road’s garden is blooming marvellous thanks to a donation from Burton Latimer’s Bosworth’s Garden Centre.

The garden centre kindly donated compost, plants, herbs and vegetables to our service Station Road, which supports people with learning disabilities and other complex needs.

The donations have been used to create a small sensory garden area, with a raised bed, which was built by Karen, a colleague at Station Road, and her partner.

The Manager of Station Road said: “Colleague Karen contacted Adele at Bosworth’s garden centre to ask if they would be interested in supporting their small project. The people living at Station Road wanted to create a small garden, where they could participate in some gardening activities that were at wheelchair accessible height.”

Bosworth Garden Centre were only too pleased to assist. The planters have made a great colourful addition to the garden and have been tended to by individuals throughout the summer. The raised beds have enabled people who are wheelchair bound to also get involved in growing plants, flowers and vegetables, enjoying the space more fully.

One person we support has eagerly taken the role of head gardener and enjoyed the fruits of his labour quite literally when he sampled the very first few strawberries. He says he enjoys being the head gardener as he can eat what he has sown!

Colleagues at Station Road are passionate about the activities they offer for the people they support. They always take into account preferences, choices, likes and dislikes and use the goals identified in the person centred plans for each individual to develop opportunities to achieve these.

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