Station Road get inventive with their very own lock-down tuck shop!

July 8, 2020

During the Covid-19 pandemic, ensuring the individuals we support continue to participate in activities they enjoy and maintain a sense of routine has been an important part of keeping them safe, well and happy.

Whether it is setting up a library, developing creative garden projects or practising Tik-Tok dance routines, our teams have shown amazing creativity in organising engaging activities for supported individuals to take part in within their home.

At Residential Service, Station Road in Kettering, visiting the local shop to purchase treats was one of the weekly activities the supported individuals always enjoyed prior to lockdown.

Recognising that they were missing this activity and taking inspiration from another care home who had set up a shop in their home, Activities Coordinator, Michelle decided to set up Station Road’s very own tuckshop and launch ‘Tuckshop Thursdays’, whereby supported individuals could visit the shop once a week on a Thursday to buy their treats.  

Michelle created the tuckshop using items recycled from her home, including baskets for the tasty treats, multi-coloured bunting and a handmade price list. She also stocked up on a range of goodies, from chocolates and drinks to healthier snacks so that there was something for everyone.

When news of the tuckshop reached the supported individuals, they were super excited, preparing their money and planning what they were going to buy. On the day of the launch, the supported individuals queued up, ready for the big opening and were delighted to visit and purchase their goods. David especially enjoyed the experience, saying, “This is better than One Stop and cheaper!”

Karen Parker Farthing, Service Manager at Station Road said, “The individuals we support normally engage in a variety of activities within the local community, so our team were keen, where possible, to create similar activities here at home in order to give them a sense of normality and routine as well as something they could look forward to.” “The introduction of ‘tuck shop Thursday’s has been very well received by our supported individuals. It has created excitement and a conversation talking point throughout the week. They all really enjoy the experience of visiting the shop and love to proudly show off their purchases to each other.”

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