Stanley Park Road take to the stage with a summer concert

September 28, 2022

Stanley Park Road have put on a concert to remember for the people we support, their families and our colleagues too.

Since opening in December 2019, the team and individuals at Stanley Park Road haven’t had the chance to throw any real family gatherings. But having recently spruced up the grounds and with social restrictions easing, Service Manager Anthony thought it was about time they did something big – getting everyone together to celebrate everyone’s achievements and what a wonderful place the service is to live and work in.

Anthony said, “Since Covid restrictions were lifted, putting on a concert was top of the agenda. Some of the people we support had expressed the desire to perform in or attend a concert– so it was the perfect way to help them achieve their goals!”

With that, a gazebo was erected, complete with bunting, balloons and enough musical equipment to form a band. The stage was set, the invites were sent out and the musically talented people supported at Stanley Park Road were ready to take to the stage!

In true ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ style, there was live music, amazing vocals, not only from the people we support but Stanley Park Road’s very own Deputy Manager, Daniel too, dancing (lots of dancing!) and even a martial arts Capoeira display. The support team even got up to offer their backing vocals – rumour has it that some were better than others!

We can safely say everyone had a great time and got stuck in with true enthusiasm. Ali, who we support at the service said, “I liked singing and watching the bands.” Anthony added, “The event went brilliantly and everyone seemed to have a good time!”

Well done to the team at Stanley Park Road for putting on its very own mini-Glastonbury – we’ can’t wait for our invitation to the next live concert!

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