Smart moves at the Spooky Disco

October 27, 2017

During October, Leon and Chris went to the Halloween themed disco held at the Grampian Club in Corby. This disability event is hosted once a month to allow people with disabilities to have a dance and fun in a safe environment.

Both Leon and Chris decided to don their best clothes and ensure they looked really nice at the disco, with Leon even requesting a fresh shave. They were both very proud to show off how smart they looked and were super excited for it to start.

Upon arrival the two of them needed very little support getting out of the car or into the venue. In the entrance there was an option to go up two large steps or walk up the slope to the doors, Chris decided to take the steps with very little hesitation. He counted the steps as he went up and was straight into the hall where he could hear the music starting!

They chose a table next to the dance floor settling well into the party spirit. Chris decided to get up and dance on several occasions, swinging his hips and waving his arms. He thoroughly enjoyed jumping up and down whilst also holding onto other people’s hands and swinging them about. He also enjoyed singing along to the songs, and even when taking break, seated he swayed in his chair. Chris was also confronted with an obstacle to overcome as the disco had offered a fancy dress option, with one guest deciding to dress as a clown. Chris didn’t stick on this for too long, moving past the fact that this was present and continued to enjoy his afternoon.

Leon was also really enjoying himself, making a lot of new friends. He was taking great pleasure in showing people his new magazine and pointing out the flashing lights. Towards the end of the disco he also chose to dance on the dance floor, whilst jumping about and laughing to all the spooky hits.

After an hour and a half both Chris and Leon were tired out and so they decided to return home. The car journey back was filled with happiness and laughter as they spoke about the great disco.

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