Simon’s Story -Belstead

June 7, 2012

Simon’s* Story

* names have been changed to protect privacy

Simon came to Belstead from an assessment unit, where he had gone after his needs made living with his family too difficult. After working closely with the assessment unit to identify whether the service could provide the right support, Simon came to Belstead where he was given his own room and a kitchenette.

When he first arrived at Belstead, Simon was very withdrawn and reluctant to leave his room. He was suffering from severe anxiety and refusing to take his medication.

To ease his transition, staff from the assessment unit spent the first six weeks of his time working closely with Belstead staff. With the support of the partnership group comprising the assessment team and Belstead support staff, which includes learning disability and mental health nurses, Simon was able to settle into his new routine.

Simon had lost contact with his family, so the Belstead team worked with him to rebuild his relationships. Starting with brief visits and overnight stays, which were accompanied by support staff, Simon’s relationships grew to enable him to go away on a family holiday, and again support staff made sure he received the right support while he was away.

With tailored support Simon was able to start taking his medication again, which helped to reduce his anxiety and enabled him to enrol at a nearby college. As well as gaining skills around living independently, the college also provided an opportunity for Simon to learn about gaining employment and doing work placements.

As time went by, Simon’s new skills allowed him to start making trips out of Belstead. The service is located near lots of local amenities and public transport routes, enabling Simon to go into town and build up his confidence and experiences, and become more independent.

As someone who likes to be active, Simon was then able to join a local snooker club where he could spend time socialising and making new friends. He also started catching the bus to a nearby swimming pool to do exercise.

Each time Simon’s needs changed and his abilities grew, the staff at Belstead were able to update his person-centred care plan so that he could keep developing. Simon has now made such fantastic progress that he has been able to leave Belstead and move into Supported Living.

He still keeps in touch with everyone at the service and his transition was carefully managed to ensure he always felt comfortable. As a result of the support he received at Belstead Simon now enjoys his independent life.

Simon said:

“My life has changed so much for the better. I love being able to try new things and meet new people.”

Simon’s support worker Paula comments:

“Simon has really flourished since he came to Belstead and he’s made fantastic progress. By investing plenty of time to get to know him and his needs, we’ve been able to design a person-centred care plan that not only provides him with the best support, but also encourages and enables him to increase his independence.”

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