Interested in flat sharing?

As well as offering a range of residential and supported living services in carefully adapted houses, in some of our services we also offer one and two bed ‘self-contained flats’. These types of settings are suitable for people with learning disabilities, autism and additional complex needs, including Prader-Willi Syndrome and offer a greater level of independence for those who live there, alongside the individualised support they need.

Our two bedroom ‘self-contained flats’ are ideal as flat shares where two individuals will share their living space, kitchen and dining area etc, however they do have their own individual bedrooms, sometimes with an en-suite bathroom too. We can offer flat shares in both a residential setting and a supported living setting, which are detailed further down this page.

Find out below who would benefit from a flat share environment.

Who would suit a flat share and what are the benefits?

Whilst on the whole, people who move into our supported living and residential services usually do not know one another, in a flat share environment there is the opportunity for people who already know each other to share in a more private space.

They could be two people with a learning disability, autism and/or additional complex needs who would be happy sharing together, for example…

  • Siblings or friends
  • Partners in a relationship
  • Friends who have lived at school or college together

This type of setting will benefit those who may not want to move into a shared home and be apart from their sibling, friend, boyfriend or girlfriend or may feel isolated living on their own. It gives people the opportunity to live with their companion instead, enabling them to build their confidence, have greater stability, flourish in independence and be a part of their local community with someone they know and trust, whilst also both receiving the dedicated level of support they need to meet their own unique needs. The two individuals would also most likely have an understanding of one another and their specific needs, which in the main, reduces compatibility issues. It’s the perfect way for two people to share their life experiences and grow together.


“My flat mate supports me and is aware of my health needs and knows what to do in an emergency and who to call. We have our own 1 to 1 hours if we choose to, we can also be together. It’s nice to be living with a friend.”

John Leicester – supported individual at Consensus who shares with his friend John

The type of flat shares Consensus offer…

Our self-contained flats at our residential service, Stanley Park Road in Wallington, London and at our supported living service, Upper Park Road in Camberley Surrey are ideal for people with similar interests, including friends from school/college, siblings or partners, looking for accommodation together.

As one is a residential service and one a supported living service, the varying needs and support required for the people who live there, and flat share together will be different. For example, those living in a residential service will still experience a flat share setting, were they will live in their own self-contained flat, but there may also be other shared communal areas within the service like a shared lounge or garden. Their accommodation and support plan go hand in hand.

For those living in one of our supported living shared flats, the main difference is that they will each have a tenancy agreement with a separate support package tailored to their needs. A supported living setting allows people to experience more independent living with as little or as much support as they need and where they have maximum choice and control over their lives.

Please find out how we can support people in these types of settings…

Residential living flat share…

Stanley Park Road

Wallington, London

Our state-of-the-art residential service in Wallington offers accommodation for two adults within a flat share environment, giving each individual the support they need whilst also developing their skills and confidence to move on to a supported living setting in the future.


Supported living flat share…

Upper Park Road

Camberley, Surrey

Our modern two-bedroom en-suite flats in Camberley are available for two adults who want to live together, manage their own tenancy and live more independently, whilst also both receiving a separate support package based on an assessment of their bespoke needs.


What does life at Consensus look like…

Going on holidays…

“Party in the Park” was in celebration of giving the people we support an opportunity to enjoy a break away by the sea, try new activities and new opportunities. For some this was the first time they had experienced going away on a holiday with their support team.


Sharing our stories…

Over the last year our highly experienced support teams have been coming up with fun, innovative and thoughtful ways of keeping the people they support safe, happy and involved in decision making during these challenging times.


Building friendships…

Our team of Quality Checkers work hard to ensure all of the individuals we support have opportunity, choice and success. They visit all 96 of our services across the UK, Wales and Scotland following an audit process and making friendships along the way.