For almost a year now life has been extremely challenging, not just for Consensus as a provider of support and accommodation for people with learning disabilities, autism and additional complex needs including Prader-Willi Syndrome, but also on a wider global level.

During these challenging times our top priority has been to ensure all of the individuals we support at Consensus are safe, well and happy.  This is something that couldn’t have been done without the dedication and commitment of the support teams we have in all of our services, who have worked and are continuing to work round the clock to make sure each and every individual we support is well looked after in a safe environment.

For more on how we have responded to Coronavirus in line with guidance, across all our services, please go here >

Our support teams have done, and are continuing to do, an amazing job…

In order to keep these times as normal as possible for everyone within our services, our teams have done, and are still continuing to do, all they can to support the people in innovative, caring and thoughtful ways. Whether it has been setting up a shop or a library within the service, getting people involved in creative garden projects or becoming pen pals with the next door neighbour, our teams have shown amazing creativity and a positive can-do attitude. Our specialists; Dr Mags our Autism Consultant, our Positive Behaviour Support Team and our PWS Outreach Team are on hand to offer guidance and person centred support strategies where needed. Our team of Quality Checkers have been amazing in supporting people in the services with activity ideas and moral support as they understand first hand some of the anxieties and challenges they may be experiencing. See some great examples below…

Keeping in touch with loved ones

An example of great creativity comes from the support team at Gretton House, Northamptonshire, who have come up with a fantastic way of keeping the individuals in touch with their families.

They have been busy making a video for their friends and families to see including wise words of staying safe and a sing along too.


Read about what our supported individuals have been up to by region….

Ideas on keeping fit and healthy…

Learn our dance routine 

We must all remember to keep active, fit and healthy in these times where we are limited to what we can do. So, we have come up with a fantastic way to keep our supported individuals, members of staff and anyone else who wants to join in fit and healthy!

Getting fit can be fun too… All you have to do is pick your favourite song by any band or artist, get into an open space and dance until your heart’s content. Make sure you get creative with your moves and remember to enjoy yourself and have lots of fun too!


Make your own Rainbow kabobs

In the spirit of keeping fit and healthy why not spend some time making some delicious, rainbow fruit kabobs. These recipes are fun and easy to make and give you something yummy to look forward to at the end. You can be creative as you like and try it out with other sorts of food too, just use your imagination…



Take part in your own Tik Tok

Tik Tok is a website to view and upload mobile videos and has become increasingly popular worldwide in the last year. Our residential service in Kettering, Haydock House, has recently taken on a Tik Tok challenge themselves and look how brilliant they all are – absolute naturals!

Manager of Haydock House, Michelle Barford-Bagnall said; ‘The team and supported individuals had great fun doing it and are already planning the next one!’ So, watch this space Tik Tok, our supported individuals and support teams are ready to show you how it’s done! (Head over to the regional news pages to view more Tik Toks)



Thank you to our team of Quality Checkers…

Our team of Quality Checkers help to give the people we support a voice. Over the last year they have been extremely busy coming up with ways of how they can connect with the individuals in the services and support them with any concerns they may have and share with them things they can do together.

Part of this has included setting up group Skype calls with the services to chat with supported individuals to make sure everyone is ok. They have also come up with various projects to keep the people we support busy and to give them something fun to look forward to. This has included the below:


They also came up with the fantastic idea of creating a virtual ‘Consensus Choir’. They decided on the song ‘I Can Sing a Rainbow, as they felt the ‘rainbow’ symbol has become a very poignant message over the last couple of months. Watch below as our teams and supported individuals come together to sing ‘I Can Sing a Rainbow in Makaton Sign Language…


Using recyclable materials to create a message of staying safe…

John uses Skype to check in on our supported individuals…

Ideas on keeping your brain active online…

Jigsaw puzzles > get creative online, pick a jigsaw puzzle and get solving

Online colouring > offering a great choice of “tap to colour” scenes, from animals and flowers to vehicles and circuses

Great family friendly movies > watch through the British Film Institute (free or low cost rentals)

Love theatre? > watch streamed performances from The National Theatre online

See nature up close > from across the world from zoos, aquariums and sanctuaries

Sing-a-long > to some virtual choir sessions with visual friendly lyrics

Supporting people with Autism…

Our Autism Consultant Dr Mags has been working with people with autism and related conditions since the 1970’s. Today she works with people with autism who are at very different life stages, from counselling couples where one or both of the partners has autism or related conditions, to working with children with autism. At Consensus Dr Mags assesses and makes recommendations for people with autism and additional needs. The current situation is upsetting and anxiety-provoking for all of us and will have even more of an impact on people with cognitive and emotional challenges.


During the current crisis Dr Mags has put together some useful documents for people with autism including a “social story”, which is ideal to help people with autism understand what’s going on and why things are currently different. She has also put together guidance for our support teams working within our services, but this is useful to anyone supporting a person with autism.



For further help and guidance during these difficult times please see below:

*Please be advised the video/photo’s on this page were taken prior to the current PHE Guidance, ‘Covid 19: How to work safely in a care home’ coming into effect.