Shared values give Diane a bed with a view

September 26, 2017

Diane at Station Road, has a degenerative condition, which as she has become older, means she has lost her ability to walk and talk.  She had a specialist bed with very high sides, to prevent accidents and harm but it was very old, and very restrictive, and it had no windows.

Diane was safely secured into the bed at night, which was extremely confined. These beds were commonly used many years ago, but there are far better, and less restrictive options now available.

There were also issues with colleagues experiencing back pain whilst supporting Diane, due to the width of the bed and being unable to adjust the height.

The team embarked on a challenging piece of work which began with a referral to an Occupational Therapist. The team found that the Therapist wasn’t able to help, as there wasn’t any funding available. So the team undertook lots of research, including having demonstration beds brought to the service. Eventually a bed was found that was modern, light and airy with specialist windows and wipe clean materials.

The team and Diane’s parents were very pleased to see such a change in the beds available. The bed was also profiling, which would enable the team to support to Diane with ease.

One big draw-back emerged, the cost of the bed, which was over £8,000!

Sadly Diane’s funding authority were also not able to fund the bed, despite this being a very obvious requirement for Diane, both to keep her safe and to hugely improve her quality of life. Diane did not have the funds to pay for this herself. The team then explored with Diane and her family, potential grants and charity funding, but this too proved not to be an option.

When the team made our Operations Director aware it was agreed that Consensus would then fund the bed, which everyone at Station Road thought was amazing. Diane’s parents are very grateful, and the team are happy to know that Diane has a much better bed, that she can both see, out of and relax in. The bed is now installed and looks fabulous.

Station Road, who specialise in providing accommodation and support for up to eleven people with physical or learning disabilities or autistic spectrum disorder and a range of complex needs, in Kettering, Northamptonshire, were rated as ‘Good’, in their latest inspection by the Care Quality Commission (CQC). Support is always tailored to the needs, goals and aspirations of the individual so that they can live a meaningful, fulfilling life of their choosing.

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