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August 10, 2012

Sam’s* Story

*names have been changed to protect privacy

Sam first came to Grammar School House for a period of respite support.  He had suffered a diabetic coma and spent time in a hospital before arriving at the service.  This traumatic period saw Sam lose many of the skills necessary for living an independent life.  Cooking, cleaning and maintaining personal hygiene all became very difficult.  Sam was unsteady on his feet and had also developed a pressure sore, which impacted on his wellbeing.

Sam’s low confidence and depressive mood at this time were a source of concern. He found interacting with other individuals to be incredibly difficult.  When he left his room Sam would often experience panic attacks.  His overall attitude was very low and he suffered from poor morale.

The support team at Grammar School House worked closely with local healthcare professionals to support Sam with his diabetes and quickly heal the debilitating pressure sore.  Once these physical symptoms had been stabilised, the team focused on helping Sam to rebuild his confidence and restore his positive attitude.  By discussing the issues around Sam’s behaviour with him, together they were able to agree a strategy to support Sam to overcome the barriers that were making it difficult for him to socialise with others.

A structured support plan was agreed to help Sam improve his daily living skills and his self-confidence.  This plan was focussed around carrying out those tasks necessary for individual independence.  Sam was encouraged to help with tasks in the kitchen, receiving one-on-one support whilst he did so.  At first, he helped with the washing up and gradually he was supported to complete additional tasks as his confidence grew.  Sam was soon helping to prepare food for his peers and was able to make his own snacks.

A key part of Sam’s progress came about as he was supported to take part in activities in the wider community.  Attending horse riding lessons and a social club on Thursday and Friday evenings, he was able to meet new people and establish lasting friendships.

Significantly, with support from individuals at Grammar School House, Sam was able to return to the job he had enjoyed before entering hospital.  Working one day a week, he was able to re-establish friendships that had previously appeared lost.

Sam continues to make excellent progress. His confidence has improved greatly.  With the support of his friends and the team at Grammar School House, Sam is looking forward to talking greater control of his own life and expanding his horizons in the future.

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