Royal recognition for Caring Homes Group for upskilling colleagues

August 17, 2018

Caring Homes Group are celebrating after being commended by HRH The Princess Royal, for their inspirational commitment to learning and development.

City & Guilds Group this week released the names of 48 businesses commended by the 2018 Princess Royal Training Awards. The prestigious Awards honour UK companies including Caring Homes Group (CHG), River Island, John Lewis, RBS, the Royal Air Force and GSK for their outstanding training and development programmes, which have directly resulted in commercial success. The Princess Royal Training Awards represent an honour for UK employers that have created lasting impact by successfully linking their skills development needs to business performance.

Caring Homes Group have been recognised specifically in relation to their Future Leaders Programme which upskills managers and meets and exceeds industry criteria. Results evidenced within the Hallmarks included positive performance in inspections with two care homes attaining the highest rating of Outstanding with the CQC, reduced turnover and positive feedback from both relatives and colleagues.

Caring Homes Group develop career ladders at all levels, but focussed firstly on managers, its future leaders, who as a result of this programme are now inspired to drive a positive culture of learning throughout the organisation.

The training programme fully supports CHG’s strategy, ensuring delegates are developing skills, knowledge and confidence relevant to their role and professional development. In addition, the programme is creating a strong network of colleagues who are keen to take ownership of their challenges and future successes and is providing colleagues with a more rewarding career.

The standard of the applications was extremely high with organisations being required to successfully present evidence against three Hallmarks. Caring Homes Group are very proud to have been praised for its commitment to training and the positive impact that developing colleagues has had on its business, with City and Guilds Group also adding, “You are truly an exemplar of training and learning best practice.”

Caring Homes Group are already part of a Community of Excellence made up of over 100 employers recognised through the Princess Royal Training Awards, having received one of the first Princess Royal Training Awards back in 2016 with its ‘My World’ Dementia Training Programme.

Commenting on the award, Liz Willis, Director of Learning and Organisational Development, Caring Homes Group said: ‘I am delighted that our dedication to training and development has been recognised in this way. At Caring Homes Group, we place a premium on ensuring that our colleagues and managers have the chance to learn and grow in their roles. We understand that this is not only good for them, but it is vital to the success of the business.’

The announcement follows the adjudication of the Princess Royal Training Awards Commission, composed of seven leading figures in the business and learning & development community and HRH The Princess Royal, who is the President of the City & Guilds Group.

Chris Jones, Group Chief Executive, said: ‘Congratulations to all 48 organisations who have achieved the Princess Royal Training Awards standard of excellence this year. Once again, it is evidence of the very real benefits that investing in staff development can bring to employers, large and small, private, public and not for profit. At a time of increasing economic uncertainty and reduced investment into workforce development it is great to see critical business issues being addressed through L&D investments. Through the Awards we highlight excellent examples of training that have already proved to be effective and we encourage others to build on their success.’

The Award recipients, who were all subject to a rigorous assessment process, will receive their Awards from HRH The Princess Royal at St James’ Palace, in October.