Recruiting managers who share our vision and values

October 19, 2017

Consensus place great importance on recruiting managers who share our vision and values. Andrea Nash Service Manager at Pool Cottage exemplifies the qualities we seek and has been nominated this year by us for a variety of Care Awards, read more to discover why.

Andrea has been working in the health and social care sector for over 18 years, in a professional capacity. However following the sad loss of her mother at a very early age Andrea became a carer for her sister who lives with spinabifida. After leaving school Andrea spent time growing and nurturing her family, however in the August of 1999 she has a friend who worked in a local service (also operated by Consensus) named Parklands, in Malpas. Andrea was inspired by her friend and when a position became available as a support worker she applied and was successful in her application.

There has been no looking back since, and over the years Andrea has progressed from Support Worker to Senior Team Lead then onto Deputy Manager culminating in her achieving her role of Manager eight years ago. Firstly she was Manager of Parklands and as that closed for refurbishment works she accepted the position of Manager at Pool Cottage in 2011.

Andrea’s management style is such that she mentors and coaches her team to continually develop in their roles and have the opportunity to share ideas for progressive practice and processes. This has been evident in her deputy manager who recently was required to present to the CSSIW inspectors whilst Andrea was away on annual leave. She knew exactly what to share, where everything was and showcased the service exceptionally well.

In her role Andrea places herself on shift, ensuring she supports both her team and the individuals they support. She thoroughly enjoys being actively involved in the care and support of the people living within Pool Cottage and has known them for a great many years now that she considers them as family. She ensures the team are aware of all regulatory requirements and provide the support within the frameworks and are cognisant of the codes of conduct. She organises training both mandatory and developmental for her team and conducts supervisions, appraisals and reflection sessions regularly. Andrea’s team in the main are all long serving and so they have a shared common goal and values, reflecting those of Consensus which they uphold at all times.

She doesn’t ask her team to do anything that she would not do herself, and this is demonstrated on a daily basis, with Andrea being very hands on. Many of the team have additional tasks that they undertake to ensure that the support offered is as person centred and varied as possible. She encourages them to organise trips out, and monthly themed meals, activities and gatherings involving friends and family of the supported individuals and of the other local Consensus services, creating an extended family, circle of support.

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