Rebecca’s Success Story

January 12, 2012

We believe everyone can do amazing things…..

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Ty Hendy
Level of Learning Disability:
Mild, Moderate and Severe
Challenging Behaviour, Early Onset Dementia and Cognitive Decline
Hendy, Carmarthenshire
Number of Bedrooms:
8 bedrooms, 5 self-contained flats and a respite facility catering for 4

Ty Hendy offers accommodation for individuals with learning disabilities who may also have early onset dementia. Ty Hendy provides a self-contained unit with eight en-suite bedrooms, each with direct dial telephones and specifically designed dementia features including memory boxes, open fronted furniture and sensor operated bathroom lights. In addition, there are also five self-contained flats with en-suite facilities, a kitchen, direct dial telephones and internet access.

The service also offers respite accommodation for four individuals in a self-contained facility located on the same site.

 Rebecca’s* story:

*Names have been changed to protect privacy

Rebecca suffered a brain tumour at the age of 3 ½ years old which resulted in her having a learning disability, sight impairment and epilepsy. Rebecca has also recently been diagnosed with diabetes and after an assessment, it has also been reported that she is in cognitive decline.

On 22nd September 2010, Rebecca made the transition into Ty Hendy’s respite unit after being cared for by her parents all her life. Rebecca had been admitted into hospital with an UTI infection and dehydration on two occasions. It was also suspected that she had suffered a stroke. When Rebecca moved to the service she was very weak and had lost her mobility and needed hoisting; Rebecca’s parents are elderly and could not manage this situation at home.

Support staff at Ty Hendy worked with the physiotherapist, occupational therapists, social care worker and community nurse to put together support plans for Rebecca to help manage her physical needs and to support her to take advantage of social opportunities within the community.   

As Rebecca’s health improved and she became stronger, support staff at Ty Hendy no longer needed to use a hoist as Rebecca could now weight bear and use a steady eddy for support. Through stimulation with arts and crafts that Rebecca enjoys, her responses have improved and so has her interaction with other service users and staff at Ty Hendy.  

Rebecca has achieved in continuing to support herself with the assistance of using mobility aids and is accessing the community to go shopping whilst making her own choices on what she wishes to purchase. She attends a weekly club, enjoys going to the theatre and has recently chosen the colour scheme for her bedroom- purples and pinks with butterfly accessories!

Rebecca’s verbal skills have improved dramatically but the most noticeable achievement is the increase in Rebecca’s confidence. Staff at Ty Hendy support Rebecca to ensure she can take part in anything she wishes to do.

By working with Rebecca and her family, the programmes the staff team created have enabled Rebecca to overcome obstacles she previously faced when she first moved to Ty Hendy.

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